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24:7 Dad Program


A Caring Pregnancy Center
500 Colorado Ave 81004 Pueblo United States
National Fatherhood Initiative's flagship fatherhood curriculum is used by thousands of organizations across the country to train fathers to be involved, responsible, and committed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call to register : 719-544-9312

24/7 Dad® A.M. focuses on key fathering characteristics – like masculinity, discipline, and work-family balance - and helps men evaluate their parenting skills. 24/7 Dad® A.M. covers pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills, while the FatherTopics™ booster sessions for non-custodial dads address some of the most critical issues faced by non-custodial fathers that aren't specifically covered in the 24/7 Dad® A.M. curriculum, and will help them succeed as involved fathers.

Topics Include:
• 24/7 Dad® A.M. Family History
• What it Means to Be a Man
• Discipline
• Communication
• Working with Mom and Co-Parenting
• Showing and Handling Feelings
• And more!

FatherTopics™ for Non-Custodial Dads focuses on:
• Workforce Readiness
• Rights & Responsibilities
• Visitation
• Child Support
• Money Management

The program will run 12 weeks beginning July 5th!

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