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The Guess Who


Pueblo, CO Memorial Hall
1 City Hall Pl 81003 Pueblo United States
The Guess Who, are a troupe of true musical luminaries who over four decades in show business have been loaded with more hits than members can count, record sales well into the multi-millions and more drama than a VH1 Behind the Music episode and an E! True Hollywood Story­ documentary combined. The Guess Who are a group that’s connected with the masses throughout an exultant hit parade spanning fourteen Top 40 hits, including: ‘These Eyes,’ ‘Clap For the Wolfman,’ ‘Hand Me Down World,’ and ‘No Time,’ plus their number one Rock anthems ‘American Woman’ and ‘No Sugar Tonight.’ The Canadian bred conquerors are amongst music’s most indelible treasures, and are eternally etched within the very fabric of pop culture history.

Together, original founding members Garry Peterson and Jim Kale have been performing as The Guess Who for over 50 years; joining them onstage are veteran musicians keyboard player and flutist Leonard Shaw, lead guitarist Will Evankovich, and lead vocalist and guitarist Derek Sharp. The Guess Who continually sell out venues with their awe-inspiring execution, deft meticulousness and decades of radio penetrating smashes.