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Creating Art From The Subconscious Mind


Bridged By Design
103 S Grand Ave 81003 Pueblo United States
Creating Art From The Subconscious Mind will explore many avenues for tapping into your intuition and expressing yourself through a creative medium of your choice.

You will learn more about your self through your dreams , meditations and intuition via documenting and interpreting your subconscious experiences . ( we will go over the different paths of doing this as eveyone is an individual and interacts with their subconscious in different ways <3 )

We will also go over different forms of expression from 2-dimensional / 3-dimensional art and also perfomance art !

The First Session starts Tuesday at noon and last 2 hours and meets once a week at the same time . ( if you cant make it on tuesdays at noon I am also offering an evening session which will start on thurdays at 6:00)

This workshop is for anyone of any skill level and all ages are welcome !

<3 This is a Donation Based Workshop <3

contact Caitlin Jimenez for more information
or booking as space is limited