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Fearlessly Pursuing Your Passion


Fountain of Health Yoga Studio
653 S Union Ave 81004 Pueblo United States
Our lives are the product of our deepest, universal and driving Four Desires, and these fundamental longings compel our thoughts, actions and behavior. This seminar will open personal doors and guide you through a profound, life-changing and introspective process.

Clear the clutter of your mind to find simplicity at the root of success. Learn to overcome self-defeating ideas and behaviors with tecniques to transcend obstacles and to identify factors that subtly influence your thoughts and feelings.

Together, let's explore a path to greater fulfillment and happiness. Learn to create peace, harmony, order, prosperity and joy - your example will inspire others to do the same.
This workshop requires no yoga experience. Easy-to-use techniques you will learn include: gentle yoga postures to release tension and restlessness, short guided meditations, mind-calming breathing techniques, and unique personal reflection methods. Practice deep physical and subconcious relazation in Yoga Nidra - sleep with a slight trace of awareness.